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Webinar: How Green is your Data Centre?

Fergal Mee, Environmental Director  Carbon Action gives a webinar on the topic of Data Centres and their environmental impact. The amount of electricity used by Data Centres is very high and the method of calculating the environmental impact is not always interpreted correctly. See the webinar  below.   For more information on Carbon Action consultancy services for Data Centres please visit

Carbon Training

Carbon Action is a leading provider of classroom Carbon Emissions Training throughout the EU, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Kazakhstan, and China. Carbon Action's courses are based on the only global GHG standard ISO 14064 and the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol. 

All Carbon Action ISO courses have been developed by world renowned carbon emissions experts from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).


Carbon Consultancy

Carbon Action is a leading provider of Carbon Emissions Consultancy. We also provide ESOS consultancy in the UK and indeed have carried out such audits in fifty percent of the EU member states.

Carbon Action offers a range of Consultancy services based on the only global standard in carbon management ISO 14064 and the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol. Carbon Action's Consultancy services include: Carbon Measurement and Reduction, Verification and Auditing, Product Carbon Footprint, and Carbon Credits, ESOS, Mandatory Carbon Reporting, EU-ETS Consultancy, and preparation of AIERs. 


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