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Carbon Dioxide from Fossil Fuel Combustion

Date: 13/05/2015 in General
This video shows the accumulation of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere from the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas (fossil fuels) over a two-year time period (2011-2012). The video begins with a map of…
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Statistics show that global emissions of carbon dioxide from the energy sector have stalled

Date: 05/05/2015 in General
Within the last 40 years emissions have stood still or fallen only 3 times. In all three previous cases, (early 80s, 92 and 2009) there was economic weakness globally. In 2014 however, the global economy…
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Is environmental integrity overcome by marketing sleight-of-hand?

Date: 22/04/2015 in Opinion
For the purpose of voluntary corporate GHG accounting, the use of contractual approaches for attributing Scope 2 emissions from grid connected electricity purchases is questioned by many as being possibly flawed and not entirely credible. …
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What do cars contribute to global warming?

Date: 11/11/2014 in General
Co-Authored by Toyota Global warming is the biggest challenge facing us. Whilst we look for solutions to the problems it causes (rising sea levels and climate change in particular), there is still the possibility of…
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Rio+20 Sustainability Action – UK Carbon Regulation Announcement Implications

Date: 03/11/2014 in General
The landmark announcement by the UK government last week   at the Rio+20 conference is the first of its kind to make it mandatory for companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions.The directive applies to…
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