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ISO 14064-1: 2018 Specification with Guidance for GHG Quantification


ISO 14064-1: 2018 Specification with Guidance for GHG Quantification

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Please note:

Our Virtual Classroom based course is not a webinar - it requires full student interaction, participation and engagement.

Our leading course provides the correct ISO Approved way for organisations to quantify and manage their greenhouse gas emissions.  The course details the requirements of ISO 14064-1 and how these relate to existing GHG schemes and other key protocols and standards, including ISO 14001.  Our course is for attendees who need a foundation course in carbon emissions footprinting (measurement). 

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CourseCourse Dates Start Time Price
ISO 14064-1: 2018 Specification with Guidance for GHG Quantification                 

June 23-25, 2021

UK 7 AM-11 AM

ISO 14064-1: 2018 Specification with Guidance for GHG Quantification 

Sept 15-17, 2021
UK 7 AM-11 AM

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Key Benefits for Employer :

  • Corporate Compliance
  • Stakeholder assurance
  • Good PR

Key Benefits for Employee include:

  • Obtaining knowledge and understanding of ISO 14064-1
  • Exploring the purpose of your GHG inventory
  • Developing your GHG inventory process
  • Quantifying and managing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Identifying specific company actions aimed at improving GHG performance.
  • Identifying emission “Hot Spots” in your supply chain

Who should attend this course?

  • Those responsible for their businesses organisational GHG emissions
  • Carbon and environmental consultants
  • GHG verifiers
  • Those working in regulatory authorities
  • Supply chain Managers
  • ESG Leaders

Attendees at this course will learn the essentials of GHG management and carbon performance. This course will provide the attendee with an excellent knowledge and understanding of ISO 14064-1 to facilitate quantification and management of your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Other Important Courses:

Benefits of ISO 14064 Training

  • Achieving ISO 14064 training and certification is the optimum way to demonstrate your competence in GHG systems – both mandatory and voluntary schemes (EU ETS, UN CDM, UK MCP, and all other international schemes
  • Internationally recognized CSA / ISO certificate signed by the President of CSA
  • Gain an important competitive edge in the expanding carbon emissions industry
  • Add to your professional development
  • Benefit from the practical work based on real life GHG case studies, taught by experienced experts and certified by CSA
  • Become the recognised expert in your own workplace for GHG quantifications, Emission reduction projects and GHG Validation and/or Verification
  • Enable employers to be recognised for their proactive approach to sustainability and emissions management
  • Be part of a global expert community


“It was a good strong course which had all of the relevant information which I personally required. What was interesting was Mr. Mee’s ability to be able to highlight various aspects relative to the company that the participants represent.” -Tom Larkin

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Course Elements

Learn how to measure your organisations carbon footprint using ISO 14064 - 1. The course breaks the subject down into five key areas:

  • Introduction to GHG inventories
  • ISO 14064-1 and GHG protocol
  • GHG management handbook
  • GHG information management system
  • Case Study

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Course Developers

Carbon Measurement Course was developed by CSA Standards and is delivered by Carbon Action. Carbon Action is a leading provider of carbon training in the UK and has the exclusive rights to provide CSA developed training courses to ISO 14064, the ONLY globally recognised standard.


Why get your training from Carbon Action

1) Credibility: Carbon Action (CA) are Strategic Alliance Partners of the Canadian Standards Association(CSA). CSA administers the International Secretariat of ISO/TC207/SC7 on GHG Management. This committee is responsible for ISO 14064 standards and CSA's role and leadership is fundamental to ensure that these standards are up to date and meet stakeholder needs. CA is a technical expert on ISO/TC207/SC7.

2) Practical Experience: CSA administers comprehensive Greenhouse Gas registries. Carbon Action has provided support to many GHG programmes in Asia, Africa, Europe and mid-East.

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