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ISO 14064-2:2019 Greenhouse Gas Projects and Reducing Environmental Impact


ISO 14064-2:2019 Greenhouse Gas Projects and Reducing Environmental Impact

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Our Virtual Classroom based course is not a webinar - it requires full student interaction, participation and engagement.

This CSA accredited course outlines the ISO approved Carbon Reduction methodolgy for Projects per ISO 14064.  This entry level Course is for individuals managing Carbon Reduction Projects and GHG emissions.

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CourseLocation 2021 Price
ISO 14064-2: 2019 Greenhouse Gas Projects and Reducing Environmental Impact Instructor-led virtual classroom experience
February 23, 24, 25, 26 2021 (7am - 11am)

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ISO 14064-2:2019 Greenhouse Gas Projects and Reducing Environmental ImpactUnderstanding ISO 14064-2 Terms, Definitions, Principles and General requirements

  • Identifying sources, sinks and reservoirs for the project
  • Determining the baseline scenario
  • Selecting specific procedures
  • Prove additionality
  • Quantifying your GHG emissions and removals
  • Managing your GHG data
  • Documenting, validating, verifying and reporting your GHG projects to allow successful validation and verification

Course Developers: Canadian Standards Association

This course was developed by Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and is delivered by Carbon Action.  Carbon Action is a leading provider of carbon training in the UK and we are the only provider in the UK of the Canadian Standards Association`s  Greenhouse Gas Management Training Program, that is based on ISO 14064, the only globally recognised international standard.


Course Aims/Objectives:

This course looks at detail around reducing the environmental impact of organisations.  Attendees at this course will learn how to reduce their organisations carbon footprint and will get a good grounding in greenhouse gas projects using ISO 14064-2 .

Course Elements:

The course breaks the subject down into eight key areas:

  1. Introduction to GHG projects
  2. ISO 14064 - 2 terms and definitions
  3. Identifying sources, sinks, reservoirs
  4. Determining the baseline scenario
  5. Quantifying the baseline scenario
  6. GHG monitoring and data management
  7. Documenting and reporting
  8. Case study

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Benefits of ISO 14064 training

  • Achieving ISO 14064 training and certification is the optimum way to demonstrate your competence in GHG systems – both mandatory and voluntary schemes (EU ETS, UN CDM, UK MCP, and all other international schemes
  • Internationally recognized CSA / ISO certificate signed by the President of CSA
  • Gain an important competitive edge in the expanding carbon emissions industry
  • Add to your professional development
  • Benefit from the practical work based on real life GHG case studies, taught by experienced experts and certified by CSA
  • Become the recognised expert in your own workplace for GHG quantifications, Emission reduction projects and GHG Validation and/or Verification
  • Enable employers to be recognised for their proactive approach to sustainability and emissions management
  • Be part of a global expert community


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