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ISO 14064-2:2019 Specification with Guidance for GHG Projects

ISO 14064-2:2019  Specification with Guidance for GHG Projects

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This course provides a background and introduction to greenhouse gas projects - projects that reduce emissions (such as alternative energy projects) or enhance emissions removal (such as forestry projects). The course reviews the requirements of ISO 14064-2, including principles and requirements for: determining project baselines, monitoring, quantifying and reporting project performance, validation and verification requirements. Additionally, the course explores the linkages between ISO 14064-2 and other GHG protocol, such as the WBCSD/WRI Protocol for projects and the many voluntary carbon Standard/programmes. Potential linkages with the Clean Development Mechanism will also be discussed.

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ISO 14064-2:2019  Specification with Guidance for GHG Projects

Sept 28-30, 2021

UK 7 AM-11 AM
ISO 14064-2:2019  Specification with Guidance for GHG Projects-


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At the end of this course learners will be able to:

  • Apply ISO 14064-2 and GHG project protocol.
  • Implement the development of verifiable quantification procedures for GHG projects
  • Apply good practice guidance to develop quantification procedures according to ISO 14064-2
  • Recognize the inherent flexibility of ISO 14064-2 to make informed decisions for GHG Project accounting
  • Summarize importance of an appropriate and credible baseline scenario selection
  • Show how to select, establish, apply, justify, explain and document procedures, criteria and tools which conform to ISO 14064-2.


Course Developers: Canadian Standards Association

This course was developed by CSA Standards and is delivered by Carbon Action.  Carbon Action is a leading provider of carbon training in the UK and has the exclusive rights to provide CSA developed training courses to ISO 14064, the ONLY globally recognised standard.


Who Should Attend

  • Accountants & Financial Professional in GHG
  • Auditors
  • Consultants
  • Design Architects/Environmental Engineers.
  • Public Finance Institution (PFI) practitioners.
  • Impact investors.
  • GHG Inventory Developers/Inventory Quantifiers
  • GHG Auditors/Verifiers
  • Government Regulators, Public workers, Regulatory Compliance Professionals
  • Managers and Developers of Carbon Neutral/Offsetting projects
  • Offset project developers, Project Mangers/Coordinators
  • Site, Utilities, Facility Managers/Operations Managers.
  • Designated Operational Entities (UN CDM)
  • GRI practitioners.
  • Persons working in Upstream Emission Reductions.
  • Those involved in the EU Fuel Quality Directive implementation.
  • Oil and Gas executives.

Course elements

This course will explore the following concepts in detail:

– Module 0: Course Overview

– Module 1: Introduction to GHG Projects

– Module 2: Introduction to ISO 14064-2

– Module 3: Identifying SSRs

– Module 4: Determining the Baseline Scenario

– Module 5: Quantifying GHG Emission or Removals

– Module 6: Emission Factors

– Module 7: GHG Monitoring and Data Management

– Module 8: Documenting, Validating/Verifying and Reporting GHG Project.

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