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7 Key Benefits of Verifying your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Date: 25/11/2015 in General

7 Key Benefits of Verifying your Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The key business benefits of verifying your greenhouse gas emissions can be summarised as follows:

  1. Demonstrating to external stakeholders that your footprint is compliant, transparent, credible and reliable.
  2. Assuring your internal management reporting is accurate, relevant and consistent over time
  3. Maximising your sales opportunities by differentiating your business from competitors while supporting your tendering position
  4. Minimising costs by avoiding penalties for inaccurate reporting
  5. Reducing your corporate reputational risk by demonstrating data is reliable and robust enough to withstand media scrutiny
  6. Attracting investment by demonstrating the integrity of your reporting system, controls and GHG data
  7. Avoiding costly offset carbon credits and  achieving best practice carbon neutrality through efficient abatement programs


How do you Become Verifier Qualified?

To achieve successful verification of your reported greenhouse gas emissions training in ISO 14064 Part 3 is the industry best practice approach.  When you hold an ISO 14064 Part 3 examination certificate you will then be in an enhanced and technically powerful position to both manage your organisation’s GHG reporting and also achieve verification.  This training will also enable you to produce a GHG report that will be a powerful statement of your organisation’s credibility and integrity.

Why Get your GHG Verification Training from Carbon Action?

  • Credibility – Carbon Action (CA) are Strategic Alliance Partners of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) which administers ISO/TC207/SC7 and is partly responsible for ISO GHG standards
  • Practical Experience - CA has provided support to many GHG programmes globally.
  • Industry Best Practice - We use ISO 14064 Parts 1, 2 and 3 training programmes developed by experts on the ISO 14064 Technical Committee
  • Knowledge Share – CA can help you develop your internal GHG expertise, eliminating the hire of external consultants, reducing costs whilst maintaining credibility


For more information on our GHG training please visit http://www.carbonaction.co.uk/carbon-footprint-training


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