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How to measure your Carbon Footprint

Date: 12/06/2015 in General


how to measure your carbon footprint

Measuring and reporting your carbon footprint (or Greenhouse Gas inventory) can help an organisation plan its sustainability policies and also give it a significant competitive advantage.

The first step is to decide on the scope and boundaries of the organisation that will be included in the accounts. This can be quite complex and involve consideration of the type and number of facilities operated, as well as the varied ownership arrangements, leasing and franchise agreements that the organisation has entered into.

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Your organisation also needs to identify the purpose of the GHG inventory, and the intended end user - e.g. the public, shareholders, local government or a GHG reporting framework. This planning process is vital and, if carried out correctly, will ensure that the final inventory report includes all the emission types that the organisation is responsible for, and is acceptable to the intended user.

The use of a formally recognised standard such as ISO 14064 will ensure the process is transparent and comprehensive - Carbon Action provides training and consultancy on the use of this standard for Carbon accounting.

 Once an organisation has completed its basic inventory, it can then consider further Greenhouse Gas (GHG) measures to give it a leading position in the market. Carbon Action can also provide assistance in all of these areas, including having Carbon accounts independently verified and reporting to a mandatory or voluntary carbon disclosure market.

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