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Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme Launched

Date: 09/08/2017
Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme Launched

The Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS) launched on August 3rd 2017.  The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) and the Energy Saving Trust (EST) came together to launch this new scheme for Clean Air Zones (CAZs).

Clean Air Zones (CAZs) are to be set up in many cities and towns in the UK over the next number of years.  Clean Air Zones will require measures to be taken to deliver immediate action to improve air quality and health within the zone.  

What is the clean vehicle retrofit accreditation scheme?

One of the measures requires tarriffs to be applied to older, higher pollution vehicles to enter clean air zones.   If you have an older vehicles that does not comply with the age conditions then dont lose hope, there is now a new loophole around paying the tarriff.  This loophole is the clean vehicle retrofit accreditation scheme or CVRAS.  You will need to get an approved fitting company to retrofit approved emissions reduction filters and bypass the tarriffs. 

This scheme will allow the owners of older vehicles such as buses, coaches, taxis, mini busses, lorries, etc to retrofit their vehicles with reliable and high-performance air pollution abatement technology systems and hence avoid the entry tarriffs.

Why upgrade older vehicles/buses?

By 2020 numerous cities will have set up clean air zones (CAZs).  These zones will charge older/ more polluting vehicles tarriffs to operate within their limits.  As mentioned above, the CVRAS will legally allow owners of older vehicles to avoid paying to enter clean air zones (CAZs).  Retrofitting is usually far less expensive than the purchase of a new vehicle.

What vehicles are covered under the CVRAS?

Currently, the CVRAS exclusively covers the retrofitting of buses. However the scheme will in future be extended to Coaches, Vans, Taxis, Mini Buses, Lorries and possibly off-road vehicles.

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